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Job matching for CSMs
Intelligent technology matches your unique skills, traits, and likes with every CSM job in the US, then email you only the ones you're most likely to land.
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See what's out there without giving up your privacy (we never share your info).
Learn your real market value (not what your current employer ~thinks~ you're worth).
Skip annoying recruiter DMs; find roles that actually fit you.
Save hours scrolling massive job boards that weren't designed for you.

Cut out the noise and only get matched with relevant, high-quality jobs.
Target only positions where your odds are best.
500+ companies in the US are hiring CSMs right now
Spend less time searching for the right jobs. The first 1,000 members of our CSM Career Seekers Community get free, exclusive access to our internal database of CSM jobs (until we go live).
ALL CSM jobs in the US
Updated daily from 10+ job boards and CS communities
Save hours with simple filters 
and all data in one place
The job search sucks. Talentway makes it simple.
You deserve a job you're proud of, a team you love, and a paycheck that makes it all worth it. And you shouldn't have to spend months trying to get it. Sounds tempting? Our mission: Turn this into reality for everyone in CS.
Imagine this: You share your strengths & preferences; You receive emails with a shortlist of curated jobs; Talentway does the matchmaking. That way...
Your application is in the top 10, not lost in a thousand.
You skip the ATS black hole and chat straight with the hiring manager.
Employers recognize your experience, passion, and talents.
We help CSM Career Seekers to find the right job swiftly and effortlessly. Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us.
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