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Talentway’s job-matching algorithm shortlists the best-fit candidates from
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Talentway is an intelligent job-matching platform tailor-made for Customer Success Managers. It
sorts through 1,000s of pre-assessed CSMs to match you with a shortlist of the most qualified
ones for your open role.

Choose from the
shortlist of the best
1 Qualified for your position based on
their skills and experience
2 Have the right strengths
& personalities
3 Will click with the team
& your company
Be sure that the hire will perform
and grow with the company
Find the right CSM
Talentway picks the needle out of the haystack

Talentway's pre-vetted community of CSMs guarantees you'll never have to sift through hundreds of (mostly unqualified) resumes or switch between job boards.

A Cut through the noise instantly see a
shortlist of the right CSMs and nothing else.
B Proactively reach out to top candidates
instead of hoping one of them applies
C Make hiring decisions based on the
matching insights, not just the resume
Focus on quality over quantity. Take the hassle out of hiring
Match with CSMs today
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Who we are

At heart, we're startup leaders who built a product to solve our own problem.
Talentway fixes the inefficiencies in the traditional recruiting process, helping you
find the right CSM without getting 500 applicants across multiple job boards.

50+ recognized
CS leaders

validated our matching methodology

1000+ top CSM

in our community
of career seekers

10+ years

improving hiring
experience and results

We help companies quickly fill customer success
manager positions with the right candidates.
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