Easily find the right customer success manager for you

Talentway is the first Intelligent Job 
Board built exclusively for the Customer Success industry.
Try the new standard of hiring for the industry
Instantly get a shortlist of candidates perfectly suited for your job description, picked from a database of pre-assessed CSMs.
Hiring the right CSM is hard
There is no specialized solution for filling CSM positions, and conventional job boards like to optimize for quantity. This overabundance of choice doesn’t help —
CSM is a revenue-generating position, so the potential opportunity costs are high
Different companies and industries may need different things from a CSM
CSM — personality and culture fit is critical. But how to measure this?
And so, hiring a CSM takes forever
It hurts the revenue, distracts the team, and you still risk 
a mishire, which means you have to do it all over again.
it leeches your time and money instead
Here’s the problem:
How to ensure that your ad is seen by the top candidates (including passive ones)?
When you need a CSM, you need them tomorrow. But there are thousands 
of candidates out there, actively hunting for jobs. Even more are passive, 
but willing to consider a better-fitting option.
How to pick someone who’s exactly right 
for you, and do it in a matter of hours instead of weeks or even months?
How to spot brilliant professionals amidst 
an avalanche of similar-looking CVs?
It’s a needle in
a haystack situation
Our database lists pre-assessed customer success managers, both those who actively search for work and those considering opportunities.
It's a CSM-specific, intelligent job board that promises a precise, same-day match with just the right candidate for you.
got you
Each candidate undergoes a battery of AI-powered personality tests that help identify their ‘superpowers’, evaluate their experience and culture, and much more.
Our proprietary matching engine uses an extensive set of CS-specific parameters to precisely connect hiring teams to a small 
set of highly matching individuals.
Bottom line?
You get straight to hiring — without the need to decipher the opaque, cliched language of resumes, or sit through endless interviews looking for the right person.
How this works
You build a profile of your desired CSM to 
figure out exactly what you need; with our CSM Profiler Tool, it takes about 20 minutes.
After that, you are instantly presented with 
a shortlist of 10 candidates with the best matching score from our database of thoroughly pre-assessed CSMs.
Each profile you receive contains intel that goes way beyond CV boilerplate — enough to make quick decisions.
Try the new standard of hiring for the industry
What you get
A handful of candidates for every request who are right 
for the job, which cuts the time to hire in half.
Deep insights about their CSM profile, which simplify the 
decision-making process and reduce the risk of a mis-hire.
A CS-specific profile builder that helps to clearly define 
the requirements and streamlines the hiring process.
Intelligent job board
by Talentway
Popular vacancies receive 1000+ applications, 90% 
of which are not qualified, requiring time for sorting.
Heaps of same-ish CVs that give very little insight into 
the real person behind them, wasting your time.
Generic job posting forms require you to compose 
a good, efficient CSM job ad yourself.
Сonventional job boards
Who we are
Talentway is a tech company that set out to cut the time-to-interview when hiring CSMs to days instead of weeks or months.
We’ve grown dissatisfied with conventional recruitment tools, and believe that CVs and social profiles don’t give enough insight into critical CS-specific personality traits.

And while there are dedicated candidate pre-assessment tools for technical fields like IT or engineering, none exist for the CS industry.

Thus, we armed ourselves with the experience of 50+ industry leaders, research-backed personality tests, and modern tech to create a next-generation job board.
Maria Yun-Bronnikova
Kris Hiruta
Product Manager
Oleg Kuby
CPO & Co-Founder
Creative Director
Kirill Osherov
Jay Makarov
CEO & Co-Founder
We help companies quickly fill customer success manager positions with the right candidates. 
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